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No. WPSH (22 / 30 / 36) - Nylon Super Hook, Most Use For Out Door

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C.S. Osborne & Co. Brand, No. WPSH - Nylon Super Hook Only, Shell Not Included

Most Use For Out Door

Available In Size: 22, 30, 36

Applicable on: reversible cushions, nonreversible cushions, tight seats, chair backs, bolsters, hassocks, etc. Fast installation, low cost, perfect tufting depth every time. Knots won’t come untied due to operator fatigue. 

* Tapered shank allows button to sit flat.

* Exclusive slope design guides loop into hook with one pass. Cuts production time, cuts costs.

* Curved double snubbers keep loop from riding up into lock channels.

* Smooth edges will not fray twine.

* Ribbed nylon exerts additional pressure to hold finished buttons together.
* Extra high impact nylon, solid one-piece, for added strength.
* Grooved rim helps hold material and shell tight to the collet. 
* Great for vinyl. Puts the stop on pop-offs.
* Double lock channels further restrict loop from ever ridding up.
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