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No. Line #24 Individual Snap Parts

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C.S. Osborne & Co. Brand, Line #24 Individual Snap Parts

We can get any item from C.S. Osborne & Co., please Contact Us for more detail. If you wish to buy more then our stock, please Contact Us for a pre order.

Snap Set Does NOT Include Screw Stud

Size 24 = 5/8" Diameter

Size available: 4708-C, 4709-C, 4710-C, 4711-C, 4712-C, 4712SS-C, 

Osborne No. Description Size Material Finish
4708-C Eyelet 24 Brass Nickel plated
4709-C Cap 24 Brass Nickel plated
4710-C Socket 24 Brass Nickel plated
4711-C Stud 24 Brass Nickel plated
4713-C Eyelet 24 Brass Copper black
4714-C Cap 24 Brass Copper black
4715-C Socket 24 Brass Copper black
4716-C Stud 24 Brass Copper black
4717-C Eyelet 24 Brass Shiny brass
4718-C Cap 24 Brass Shiny brass
4719-C Socket 24 Brass Shiny brass
4720-C Stud 24 Brass Shiny brass
4725-C Eyelet 24 Brass Antique
4726-C Cap 24 Brass Antique
4727-C Socket 24 Brass Antique
4728-C Stud 24 Brass Antique
4908-C XL Eyelet 24 Brass Nickel plated
4909-C XL Cap 24 Brass Nickel plated
5708-C Eyelet 24 Steel Nickel plated
5709-C Cap 24 Steel Nickel plated
5710-C Socket 24 Steel Nickel plated
5711-C Stud 24 Steel Nickel plated
5713-C Eyelet 24 Steel Copper black
5714-C Cap 24 Steel Copper black
5715-C Socket 24 Steel Copper black
5716-C Stud 24 Steel Copper black
5717-C Eyelet 24 Steel Shiny gold
5718-C Cap 24 Steel Shiny gold
5719-C Socket 24 Steel Shiny gold
5720-C Stud 24 Steel Shiny gold
6708-C Eyelet 24 Stainless Steel Stainless
6709-C Cap 24 Stainless Steel Stainless
6710-C Socket 24 Stainless Steel Stainless
6711-C Stud 24 Stainless Steel Stainless

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